Maze Games.

With Swift, Sprite Kit and Designed with Tiled.

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Draw Your Own Game Art

Over 12 hours of tutorials, now streaming!

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Learn Android Studio

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

How to Make Comics Strips

Illustration Tutorial by Paris Christou

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Draw Macho Men

and Overweight Characters!

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Toddler Games

Build Cross-Platform Apps using Construct 2

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The Animation Training Bundle

Over 50 hours of animation tutorials!

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HTML5 Training Bundle

Available to Stream or Download, all in HD.

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Celebrating our 10th birthday!


Recent News…

Justin here, founder / lead-instructor / site-fixer-upper here at CartoonSmart. I’m officially going to pull the switch on the new “white” look of the site. The black background had a good run for 10 years, and it can still be seen in some pages that haven’t made their way to the new format. Which is mostly what I’m here to talk about. While a few things are still in transition, you might encounter some of the pre-streaming tutorials. How will you know? If the sales page is sporting the classic-black background, than it hasn’t been moved over here to the fancy new Streaming Portal. Fear not though, it shouldn’t be long before everything makes it’s re-debut here.

CartoonSmart's New Look

iOS and Game Art Tutorials…


Maze Games with Swift and Sprite Kit

How to Draw All Your Own Game Art Video Tutorials

How to Draw All Your Own Game Art Tutorials

Options Screen Tutorial

iOS Options Screen Tutorial

iOS In App Purchasing Video Tutorial

Learn In App Purchasing for iOS Apps

iOS Role Playing Games Tutorial

iOS Role Playing Games Tutorial

iOS Game Development Tutorial Bundle

iOS Game Development Bundle

Now Streaming: The Entire HTML5 Training Bundle

Our huge HTML5 Training Bundle is now available in both streaming or downloadable format. This package includes our HTML5 Basics tutorial, jQuery Basics tutorial, CSS3 Basics tutorial, HTML5 and Dreamweaver Websites tutorials, CSS 3D tutorial and PhoneGap tutorials. All totaled this is a whooping 44 hours of training on HTML5.  Fear not, HTML6 won’t be out for probably two decades, so you’ll have plenty of time to absorb all this reference material.

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Html5 Development Training Bundle - Video Tutorials

Illustration Tutorials by Paris Christou…

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

How to Draw Slim Male Characters

How to Draw Slim Male Characters

How to Draw Macho Men and Overweight Characters Tutorial

Learn to Draw Macho Men

How to Make Comic Strips Tutorial

Learn to Draw Comic Strips

New Tutorials…

Flash Animation Tutorial Bundle

Our HUGE Animation Tutorial Bundle

How to Make Toddler Games with Construct 2

Learn how to make Toddler Games with Construct 2

Modelling a Maya Roller Coaster

Learn How to Model a Roller Coaster with Maya

The one iOS Starter Kit to rule them all…

iOS Starter Kit Preview

iOS Starter Kits

The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit enables you to build an entire world with nothing more than a property list and Tiled file. Tiled is a free program for designing and laying out game levels. Drag ‘n drop any sized image into a Tiled file, name it, position it and scurry back to Xcode to define it’s properties and publish. That is all it takes.

The kit is intended for side scrolling, or platform games as well as top-down, overhead style games.  And one game can house many different styles! Include completely separate mini-games within a single app. You can even charge for access to certain parts of the game. Finally the kit now supports handheld game controllers, like OUYA and iCade control sets.

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ios starter kit with handheld game controllers

New game art

Role Playing Games Character Bundle

Role Playing Games Character Bundle

The Super Sprite Bundle of Royalty Free Game Art

Royalty Free Game Art Bundle

Hand Painted Platform Bundle of Game Art

Hand Painted Platform Set Bundle

New Adobe Illustrator Bundle

Exploring Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

We’ve combined Brian Zaikowski’s incredible Exploring Illustrator course with his How to Draw Comics Strips course AND 500 piece royalty-free vector art collection into one amazing bundle. Buyer’s will get Lifetime access to all 36 hours of tutorial videos (most are short in-depth Tool tip videos) to stream online or download. Running out of hard drive space? No worries, you can watch ever tutorial here on the site.

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Free Lava Station Platform Art


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Sprite Kit and Swift Lessons

Sprite Kit Lessons

New CartoonSmart Blog:

To coincide with all our new (and upcoming) Swift and Sprite Kit tutorials, we’ve launched this site to provide students with the kind of info we would want for reference early on. So far the site already has nearly 4 hours of free video tutorials, countless articles, snippets of quality code, and much more!

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Course Highlight: Macho Men and Overweight Characters

In this nine hour course Paris illustrates four characters (two heroes and two villains) to demonstrate the techniques he uses to create the initial design, then to convey motion and expression.

Paris illustrates using Sketchbook Pro, but you can follow along with any illustration program of your choice. Whether you prefer pixel or vector based programs (or simply pencil on paper), the concepts in this course transcend medium. Bottom-line this tutorial series is about creating incredible characters.

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How to Draw Macho Men Tutorials

CartoonSmart Apps: Solace – The Virtual You

We can only make so many iOS tutorials before we get side-tracked and have to make a little something ourselves. The allure of the App marketplace is too great. Who can resist showing off a unique app in front of millions (we’ll be optimistic, since the app is free). Plus it gives us a great chance to double check our past work. Solace is an app that uses a lot of what’s taught in the Options Screen tutorial and quite a bit more using the Facebook SDK and (lessons coming).

So what’s Solace? The most fun thing we can compare it to is Superman’s holographic dad. Minus the holograms. Solace archives oral history, but it isn’t just a dumping ground for sound clips. You can actually talk to the pre-recorded versions of your friends and family. So you can say “hello” and they can respond back. Solace allows for unlimited questions and responses. And did we mention it’s free.

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Solace app - create a virtual you


Above Time – App In Review Now


Watch a Preview of this Maptastic Clock App Now


Learn Construct 2 with our new

Toddler Games Tutorial