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jQuery Basics – Tutorial Index

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jQuery Basics Tutorial - Lifetime Access
What the heck is jQuery? It’s just Javascript. To be a little more specific it is a fast, concise Javascript library that simplifies HTML events, animations, and interactions And in this four hour course, you’ll learn how to work with this code library to do amazing things. Our instructor will be showing off some of the coolest things you can do with jQuery, while also giving you a well rounded education in the basics of Javascript, like creating variables, functions, if statements, and so on. This is a great course for old and new programmers alike.
Module 1 Session 1  
Topics include:
  • CSS Selectors
  • Importing Jquery and why document order is important
  • Writing your first statement
  • Make a simple fadeOut transition
  • Timing those methods
  • Making a click-able anchor
  • Making open and close button
  • Looking at all animation methods
  • Editing CSS with Jquery
  • Adding Classes using Jquery
  • Remove Class method
  • Learning all Toggle methods
Unit 1 jQuery Tutorial - Course Assets
Unit 2 Session 1
Module 2 Session 2  
Topics Include:
  • Working with multiple elements inside of one function
  • Statement chaining and the .delay method
  • Link events together
  • Change any attribute with Jquery
  • Removing attributes
  • Remove entire elements
  • Creating variables and using the console.log method
  • Creating an element and using appendTo method
  • Create animations using animate method
  • Timing and callback on animate method
  • Chaining the animate method
  • Using the load ajax method
Unit 1 Session 2
Module 3 Session 3  
Topics include:
  • Quick method of waiting for a document to load
  • Using the .size and .length methods
  • Look at advanced selectors
  • Selecting a range of elements with slice method
  • Using the hover event listener
  • Creating an alert box
  • Creating a function
  • Creating if statements
  • Callback functions
Unit 1 Session 3
Module 4 Session 4  
Topics include:
  • Intro to plugin’s for JQuery
  • FancyBox Plugin
  • ScrollTo Plugin
  • Inner-Fade Plugin
  • Wrap Up
Unit 1 Session 4



jQuery Basics Video Tutorials

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